My baby is Breach! Help

The doctor doesn’t seemed concerned but my little guy is breach. She ( the team of doctors)  says he still has 4 weeks to turn on his own. UGH. She also said it won’t be pretty when it happens– that I will definitely feel the summer-salt.  I was looking forward to a normal — uneventful delivery –no complications.  My little man is currently sitting with his head  in my left ribs, butt low and with his feet in left ribs.  ( Kinda Like a V) He has been sitting in this general position for ages. Yes he moves but still goes back to this same “hammock like” pose.

Not to add to my stress but I thought the huge lump in my ribs was a back & butt and was surprised to find out it was the head. He definitely has gotten filled out in the last few months. The good part about this stress is we get to have an extra ultra sound– Yippee — Its been months.  He was smaller than a Crayola Crayon the last time we got to peek inside.

Any moms out there with breach babies? You advice would be greatly appreciated.   Comment below or email me privately at


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