About Jen

Who am I? When? At 22 I not the same person  that I have become in my 30’s. At 33 I am a Mom to be about 25 weeks.

Like many mom’s out there I have questions about everything and a new perspective on everything. I scan the internet for answers and writing a blog will hopefully give me a location to keep all my thoughts, ideas and chronicle the changes.

Who is Jen? A regular person, originally,  from Orange CT and now my life is in Willow Springs NC.  After graduating from Culianary Institute of America, being a restaurant manager, moving state to state and working crazy hours with little to no personal life — I became a real estate agent & Realtor.   Why, the big change, I was tired to working for someone else. Believe it or not the leap from restaurants is not so big & as a Realtor I have flexibility.

Shocker! I am one of the few people out there that have 2 parents that are still married to each other.  Also a kid brother John, an older sister Judy & a husband Rusty.  Don’t forget Raven –the cat


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