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Great Deals on Craigs List

Love Craigslist ( Raleigh area) The  holidays are finally over, everyone has finally gone home and we are putting baby’s room together. I am SHOCKED how much  NEW stuff is for sale on Craigslist (& almost new too). Baby clothes, toys, bouncy seats, bottles etc.

The New & Observer (12/26 Sunday) even had an article that “thrift” is the new black. Once the roads clear I am going shopping — forget Target, Babiesrus or even Walmart. I am hitting the thrift stores and the Craig’s List Ads.  The cool thing about Craig’s list is I can search “baby boy clothes Garner” so I don’t waste all my gas driving around looking for the good deal. Gas is over $3/gallon for 87 here in Willow Springs NC.  I am not driving all the way to Cary for $10 worth of onezies.

Timing is everything– the year is ending so IF you need that last-minute tax deduction donate it to your local church thrift store, charity etc. Which explains why Craig’s list and local thrift stores are over flowing with really good stuff.

If you really think about it — why pay full price for infant clothes?– they will only wear it an instant. Suppose my son is 9 lbs or long — He may wear something only once or not at all.

OK, there is some really gross stuff for sale too — Like a “used only once” breast pump or used car seat. I would worry too much about putting my son into a strangers used car seat. Maybe if I knew & trusted the person I would think differently. Suppose something happened to it — car accident, recalled etc.

The more I can save on the short-term baby stuff the more money I will have for the big surprise expenses.

The goal is to  save where I can now so I can stay home with my son longer.


The Wedge is worth it.

Best Pregger thing I have used so far @ 25 weeks!  A Boppy — not the nursing horseshoe but a wedge — It looks kinda like a big piece of cheese.  It perfectly fits under my belly so I can sleep.– Yipeee-   Plus it works great as back support, knee support etc.  Most importantly its small.  Formally, it’s called a “pregnancy wedge”.  I was given it in a box of “hand me downs” from a girlfriend but it’s totally worth the $15 bucks at www.shopbobby.com.  I have tried throw pillows of the sofa and regular sleep pillows– they take up too much space. I end up fighting with pillows and blankets  in the middle of the night.  Tangled messes do not contribute to a good nights sleep. The wedge it worth it.