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Best Prices on Diapers- Wholesale Clubs

So I haven’t had the baby yet — I am due in about 10 weeks. But my husband & I talk and try to plan for the up coming expenses. We are members of Sam’s & Costco. We mistakenly assume the jumbo case of diapers or baby stuff in general will automatically be the best price simply because its a “wholesale club”. BUT WE ARE WRONG. Shopping around is still the best option. I found that Walmart had a better price and unlike the wholesale clubs takes coupons. The same pack size of Pampers Swaddlers ( 264 diapers) was $6 bucks cheaper. ( I have a $1. coupon)

It took less than 5 min to price compare. I saved the baby section of Walmart, Sam’s & Costco to my favorites section of my desktop. Plus the sites all show a “at your store” price or “online” price.

Of course I may not have a coupon everytime -and the prices change. The cheap deal this week may be the most expensive next month.

Moms & Dads out there any suggestions? Has anyone gotten a good price via a website?