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The Wedge is worth it.

Best Pregger thing I have used so far @ 25 weeks!  A Boppy — not the nursing horseshoe but a wedge — It looks kinda like a big piece of cheese.  It perfectly fits under my belly so I can sleep.– Yipeee-   Plus it works great as back support, knee support etc.  Most importantly its small.  Formally, it’s called a “pregnancy wedge”.  I was given it in a box of “hand me downs” from a girlfriend but it’s totally worth the $15 bucks at www.shopbobby.com.  I have tried throw pillows of the sofa and regular sleep pillows– they take up too much space. I end up fighting with pillows and blankets  in the middle of the night.  Tangled messes do not contribute to a good nights sleep. The wedge it worth it.